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We would love the opportunity to show you our paradise. Not only will you experience hunting at its finest but we also share with you our knowledge and experience of the African veld.

Mike Birch is a biologist, game biologist and worked for government Nature Conservation in management of protected areas which included veld management, game capture, eco tourism, trophy hunting and far reaching projects such as the breeding and introduction of Black Rhino and Buffalo in their natural protected areas that they once roamed.

His wife Natalie is a fantastic assistant, with a PhD in rangeland ecology. Together they also manage an environmental company called Ecological Management Services which specialises in the wildlife industry in South Africa.

This means the time spent in the veld will always be fun and entertaining as well as educational, a perfect opportunity to not only hunt but also experience the African bush with Mike and his able team.

Mike Birch - Owner

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mike birch of hunt the sun and his family
Mike Birch and his family

Hunt the Sun” is based in the central part of South Africa in the Kimberley district, Diamond capital of the world. We hunt in a number of different concession areas across South Africa.



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Giving back to the community

Walk the walk

WTW or “Walk the Walk” is Hunt The Sun’s motto for doing something about our community and not just talking about it. WTW was started through the request of our clients after experiencing first hand the poverty that exists in our communities especially Hayfield where our staff call home.


Simply put we invest in our children, getting them an education that will afford them the opportunity to compete on the open market.

We are not talking about the lack of the latest tech audio visual aids yes these are important but the needs are simpler it’s about basics, equipment such as desks, paper, pencils not to mention computers, classrooms and yes a full tummy to learn on every day.