Author: Hunt the Sun

  • It was a race against time

    Early afternoon we finally saw a group with good bulls. We stalked and crawled closer trying to head them off, only to have them change direction and head up a shallow valley, probably heading for water over the rise. Quietly backtracking until we were a safe distance away I smiled at Dianne “ready to run?” […]

  • Hunting Africa’s Grey Ghost

    Sometimes we wonder why we pursue our chosen careers, mostly we execute (no pun intended) each day in a s a t i s f y i n g h a l o o f “contentedness”. Some days however we find ourselves in a position that cleanses and refreshes our souls, clears the haze from […]

  • Hard hunting isn’t enough

    My heart pounded loudly, my breathing already fast with sweat pouring down my back as we lay punctured by thorns, dirty and deadstill in the hot dry African sun. Gemsbuck, two of them, 40 yards away and still oblivious of our presence. The gemsbuck moved closer, alternatively feeding heads down with their horns sticking out […]