Hunting Africa’s Grey Ghost

Hunting Africa’s Grey Ghost 1Sometimes we wonder why we pursue our chosen careers, mostly we execute (no pun intended) each day in a s a t i s f y i n g h a l o o f “contentedness”. Some days however we find ourselves in a position that cleanses and refreshes our souls, clears the haze from the air, leaving you as fresh as the African bush after the first spring rains.

Yesterday was such a day…………. It began as a cold miserable afternoon, an early season cold front with driving rain pelting our frozen bodies to a numbing cold. Marcus my Swedish client kept mumbling something about “soft” African PH’s and the weather being no different from a cool Swedish summers day (He did however admit to wearing thermal underwear!).

Kudu were on the menu and we quickly found a group of cows with a big old dark grey bull in attendance. The bulls have started joining the cow groups with the onset of the rut..