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Dangerous Game

The Ultimate Hunt

Dangerous Game

Come experience the ultimate hunt!

Hunting dangerous game can be intimidating, the cost and possibility of hunting an animal that has a fair chance of turning the tables can be daunting!

Even a big calibre feels inadequate when a big dagga boy gives you the ruark stare!

However we strive to ensure that you are well prepared to face this challenge.

The Big 5

Big 5 animals are available, either in hunting areas in South Africa or in partnership ventures in Zimbabwe , Namibia and Mozambique. These areas offer a fantastic experience for anyone with a spirit of adventure. Limited, Problem Animal Control big five animals are also available from time to time at various destinations and options to suit your budget.


At all times your safety is our first priority. Recommended calibres are from the .416's and bigger although an accurate .375 will suffice. So whether it's a hippo or a buffalo, drop us a mail and we will assist you in planning a lifetime experience.

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