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Management hunting

Game numbers in Africa fluctuate significantly. The veld can only accommodate a certain number of animals and the excess needs to be removed. We manage our areas on a scientific basis to ensure that the veld does not deteriorate.

It is our policy as custodians of land to always ensure that we leave it in a better state than when we received it. For this reason and to promote sustainability we offer to our clients the option of management hunts. We do not promote this as hunting but culling. These are animals of both sexes that need to be removed.

Reduced Price

For a reduced price this offer allows more trigger time and often allows hunters who take pride in their ability to shoot accurately at moderate to long distance the opportunity to put these skills into practise in field conditions. Here wind and distance judgement become crucial.


If you are confident enough, headshots are allowed, but for those who feel a highly mobile small target at long distances is too risky, vital body shots will suffice. This opportunity allows you to build confidence in your equipment and abilities. A range of calibres are permitted, all with a common trait - supreme accuracy!

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