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Accommodation ranges from comfortable to luxurious. We guarantee you a warm bed, hot shower and excellently prepared meals daily, but in essence we offer so much more.

In order for you to experience Africa, we make an effort to expose you to the surrounding areas and culture, including meeting and interacting with the local people in the different hunting areas.

Traveling between concessions is considered a hunting day, however, provisions are made to limit the loss of hunting time by arranging hunts between distant concessions.

Both Northern Cape and Eastern Cape areas can be hunted on a 10 day safari. Shorter safaris in one camp unless by special arrangement only.

Our standard Ts&Cs are applicable if cancelled 180 days or more before the hunt, otherwise the hunt may be rescheduled.

All clients, hunters and non-hunters, must read and sign our indemnity form before commencement of the Safari.

Cell phones signal is intermittent in the more remote sections of the hunting areas and camps, however wifi is available at the camps.  South African sim cards are readily available, alternatively you can purchase an international roaming package from your service provider..

The Northern Cape has hot summers and mild winters. The best hunting periods are from March through to September. Winters have cold nights with the days warming unless cold fronts are traversing the country, bringing in cooler polar air.

The Eastern Cape has milder weather with a greater possibility of rain.

Good quality clothing with a warm bush jacket. Shorts are optional as days can get warm. It is important not to “over-pack” as daily laundry offers a quick turn-around. Camo is highly recommended with patterns that are lighter being preferred.

Recommended packing list:

– 3 shirts
– 2 shorts
– 2 long pants
– Comfortable evening wear
– Hunting boots
– Underwear
– Warm jersey/sweater
– Woolen socks
– Warm jacket
– Toiletries
– Waterproof jacket
– Binoculars
– Firearms and ammunition (80 rounds per rifle)
– Flashlight
– Camera, batteries, extra film and/or memory sticks
– Sun protection, hat/cap
– Medical prescriptions
– Comfortable trainers
– Belt, ammo pouch and knife

The currency in South Africa is the Rand, although all hunting transactions are done in US $.

U.S. Driver’s licenses are accepted provided they are in English and show a photo on the license.

Firearm rental can be arranged prior to Safari .

The most important factor when selecting a rifle for your African Safari is to choose a rifle with which you are familiar and shoot well. To shoot successfully in Africa is summed up in three points: Bullet placement, bullet placement, bullet placement.

– Calibers from .270 and upwards are recommended.

– .300 win-mag is regarded as optimum for your general plains game safari.

– Good quality bullets such as Trophy Bonded Bear Claw, Swift A Frame, Barnes X and Nosler partition are advisable.

– Rifles are sighted in when aiming at camp. Ensure that you have enough ammunition for practice.

– Great care is taken so that shots are taken at distances with which the hunter is comfortable, using adequate rests such as shooting sticks etc.

Within South Africa our Eastern and Northern Cape lodges are situated in malaria free areas. Our Timbavati lodge in situated in a low risk malaria area.  Hunting beyond the borders of South Africa in Zimbabwe and Mozambique are high risk areas. Please contact your doctor or e-mail us for further information on suitable prophlatics should you be going into these high risk areas . No additional inoculations or treatments are required by Southern African countries.

In the Northern Cape the terrain is undulating with grassland and Camelthorn savannah broken by rocky outcrops and small hills. The varying topography allows for a wide variety of species in their natural habitat. The Eastern Cape is a sharp contrast with dense thicket offering challenging hunting. The terrain here requires well worn comfortable boots. The hunting area in Mpumalanga is characterized by wooded savannah and bushveld and is home to the Big Five.

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