Tag: Impala

  • Professor Blanton

    Professor Blanton and Brendan Laubner enjoyed more than a week with Hunt The Sun Prof Blanton hunted Springbuck, Kudu, Impala and Bontebok, I am sure his students will be hearing all his wonderful stories of hunting in South Africa with Hunt The Sun Brendan hunted Gemsbuck, Springbuck and Impala and will be backing up the Professors…

  • Ulf also bags Four fine trophies

    Though the weather was still cold and wet, Ulf had a great time hunting four trophies on a recent trip to South Africa.  Mike Birch was outfitter. Ulf can boast with his trophies, Gemsbuck, Springbuck, Impala and Blesbuck

  • Three Days FOUR Trophies

       Jeff Queen hunted hard for three days, bagging four trophies     Including a Springbuck, Gemsbuck, Blesbuck and Kudu. Four very worthy trophies for Jeff to take back to the USA.

  • Group go Wild for Africa

    [nggallery id=1] Hunt The Sun was Outfitter to a group of nine hunters.  Trophies taken included Springbuck, Blue Wildebeest, Zebra, Black Wildebees, Impala, Gemsbuck, Red Hartebees, Blesbuck, Eland.

  • A whole lot of Hunting

     Bengt Eriksson and his family enjoyed the warm South African sun.  Bengt shot this Blue Wildebeest with PH Evert.  Bengt also shot a Black Springbuck, a Blesbuck and a Zebra

  • 2011 Off to a Fantastic start

      Jan Jacobsson from African Adventure shot a Black Wildebeest   Jan also had a great time while shooting Impala, Gemsbuck, Red Hartebeest, Ostrich, etc, etc    Not to be outdone, Maria, also shot a Black Wildebeest!

  • Ingmat’s Impala

    February 2009:  Ingmar Axelsson hunted this 23 inch Impala with Hunting Outfitter Mike Birch.  The hunting season started off well with the veld looking magnificent after our good January / February rains.

  • Donna’s Impala

    March 2009:  Donna Bettinger of Alaska shot this beautiful Impala using a .308 loaded with 165gr Barnes Triple X.  PH Mike Birch, Hunt the Sun

  • Joshua’s Impala

    April 2009:  After a long stalk this afternoon Joshua Cox shot this excellent Impala Trophy with a .270 Sako loaded with Hornady 130gr.  Hunting Outfitter Mike Birch.

  • Ivan’s Impala

    April 2009:  Ivan Turland with his first Impala shot with a .308 custom build.  PH Dave and Hunting Outfitter Mike Birch.