Tag: Mike Birch Hunting Outfitter

  • Ulf also bags Four fine trophies

    Though the weather was still cold and wet, Ulf had a great time hunting four trophies on a recent trip to South Africa.  Mike Birch was outfitter. Ulf can boast with his trophies, Gemsbuck, Springbuck, Impala and Blesbuck

  • Jamie’s Blesbuck

    April 2009:  Jamie hunted for his Blesbuck shot cleanly with the .270.  Hunting Outfitter Mike Birch of Hunt the Sun

  • Jamie’s Black Springbuck

    April 2009:  Jamie Cox hunted this magnificent Black Springbuck.  Hunting Outfitter Mike Birch of Hunt the Sun.

  • Ivan’s Gemsbuck

    April 2009:  Ivan Turland got his Gemsbuck after a long stalk using his .308 custom built and loaded with 165gr Nosler ballistic tips.  PH Dave and Hunting Outfitter Mike Birch of Hunt the Sun.

  • Joshua’s Impala

    April 2009:  After a long stalk this afternoon Joshua Cox shot this excellent Impala Trophy with a .270 Sako loaded with Hornady 130gr.  Hunting Outfitter Mike Birch.