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  • Professor Blanton

    Professor Blanton and Brendan Laubner enjoyed more than a week with Hunt The Sun Prof Blanton hunted Springbuck, Kudu, Impala and Bontebok, I am sure his students will be hearing all his wonderful stories of hunting in South Africa with Hunt The Sun Brendan hunted Gemsbuck, Springbuck and Impala and will be backing up the Professors…

  • Grant’s Springbuck and many many more

    Grant’s amazing Springbuck trophy was soon followed with a “few” more good trophies: Laughter and good times under the African sky Grant added a Kudu, Gemsbuck, Duiker, Zebra, Eland, Bontebok and Blue Wildebeest to his trophy collection! Good hunting!  

  • Record Springbuck with Hunt The Sun

    Grant Burwash shot this top record book springbuck using a .300 win mag, PH Grant Strachan from Hunt The Sun.  

  • Michael hunts with us after seeing us on the Outdoor Channel

    After watching one of the Adventures Abroad shows on the Outdoor channel (another one coming up this month – we will keep you posted on the website), Michael changed hunting plans to come and hunt with Hunt The Sun. Michael’s trophies included this Kudu A warthog (the tusks will make great souvenirs of South Africa) A…

  • Ulf also bags Four fine trophies

    Though the weather was still cold and wet, Ulf had a great time hunting four trophies on a recent trip to South Africa.  Mike Birch was outfitter. Ulf can boast with his trophies, Gemsbuck, Springbuck, Impala and Blesbuck

  • Bird Hunting and Trophy Hunting – Good Combination

    Mike Birch was Outfitter to Robert and Peter, who combined a few days birdhunting in the Eastern Cape with Trophy hunting in the Northern Cape thereafter Trophies taken were:  Impala, Blue Wildebees, Eland and Springbuck

  • Group go Wild for Africa

    [nggallery id=1] Hunt The Sun was Outfitter to a group of nine hunters.  Trophies taken included Springbuck, Blue Wildebeest, Zebra, Black Wildebees, Impala, Gemsbuck, Red Hartebees, Blesbuck, Eland.

  • Lance’s Springbuck

    June 2009:  A well massed Springbuck with its fan open, truly magnificent African animal.

  • Anders’ Double

    April 2009:  Anders Bromar with a double, all shot with his trusty .375HH Mag.  PH Mike Birch

  • Jonas’ Springbuck

    April 2009:  Jonas Jonsson with a good Springbuck.