Walk The Walk

You may all have read about Hunt The Sun’s initiative to help the disadvantaged community and especially the children at Scholtzfontein Primary School.  Thanks to generous donations from both clients and staff of Hunt The Sun, we have been able to supply ten children with new winter school uniforms and we are busy collecting the uniforms for another ten.  TWENTY children, warmer and drier, thanks to the heartfelt good wishes of good people.  None of which could come at a better time, winter is upon us and shortly we will be experiencing below freezing temperatures in the mornings.  Also the area has had unseasonal rainfall for a while, which can be very difficult when your school shoes are full of holes (if you have any at all) and you have no protection against the wet.  Included in the uniforms supplied were new school shoes, shirts, pants, socks, VESTS, JERSEYS and DRY-MACS.  The children, teachers and all at Hunt The Sun, would like to express their appreciation for all who have (and will) donate to this community.

Walk The Walk 1